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CorelDRAW shortcuts

You can use CorelDRAW quite adequately without using any keyboard shortcuts but if you use it a lot, learning a few shortcuts will really speed up your work.

It is best to try and learn the shortcut to the operations you most frequently use. Things like  ’Cut’, ‘Copy’ & ‘Paste’ and if you are anything like me ‘Undo’.

CorelDRAW -and most other applications for that matter- make it very easy to find out what the shortcut keys for frequently used operations are. Click on any of the options in the menu bar (At the top of the screen with things like File, Edit and veiw) and a drop down menu will appear.

On the right hand side of the drop down menu you will see -what to the uninitiated looks like some sort of code- the keyboard shortcuts.Things like (Ctrl+N) which is the shortcut for opening a new document and (Ctrl+S) for save.

If you use the tool bar for a lot of your tasks, CorelDRAW helps you out here as well. Mouse over a tool bar button and hold your cursor over the button for a second or so without pressing it and a ‘Tool Tip’ will pop up telling you what the button is. Often this tool tip will include the keyboard shortcut for that task. Cool eh!

This is also true for the tools in your toolbox down the left side of the screen.

So it is very easy to find out what the keyboard shortcuts for everyday tasks are just by being observant.

Start off by learning and forcing yourself to use one or two everyday shortcuts like ‘Copy (Ctrl+C)’,’ Paste (Ctrl+V)’ and ‘Undo (Ctrl+Z)’ and they will soon become second nature. Plus a lot of these shortcuts are the same in all programs so learning them will increase your speed in all your applications.

Have fun and I will be back soon with some more CorelDRAW and vector graphics tips and tricks.

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