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Saving money when using Skarekrow

I cost my vector jobs based on time. The more time I will need to spend on a job the more money it is going to cost you, but there are things you can do to reduce the amount the job will cost.

First things Font.
The majority of my time is spent identifying fonts, finding fonts or re-drawing fonts I can’t find or identify.
If you recognise any of the fonts in the jobs you send me, please include the font name in the e-mail you send me. This will greatly reduce the amount of time a job will take and the cost to you.

Second File.
If you have multiple versions of the image you want me to de-draw, send them all. Especially if you have them in different file formats.
The more detail an original image contains the easier it is for me to re-draw it and the cheaper it will be.
If an image is very small or blurry or both then I will need to go on-line and spend time trying to find a better image. All this costs you money.

Third Links
If you know of an online version of the image, please include this in you e-mail.
This could save a lot of time searching for a better image and -you guessed it- save you money.

Fourth PDFs
PDF files act like a container and hidden inside this container could be a perfectly usable vector graphic.
If you have a pdf file containing the image you want me to re-draw please send it. This is the single best way of saving money when using In fact you could save so much money you could get your vector graphic for FREE.
That’s right. If I receive a pdf containing a usable vector file, I will extract it and send it back to you FREE OF CHARGE.
This is not to say that all vector graphics contained within a pdf will be suitable for your requirements. Some are drawn to only be used in print and are no good for cutting on a vinyl cutter or using for screen printing but many are.
If you have a pdf, send it.

So in conclusion:
Name any fonts you recognise

Send any files you have containing the image you need re-drawing. Particularly pdf files.

Include any web links to the image

If you have a bitmap image that you need re-drawing as a vector please feel free to e-mail me for a quote.

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